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Boy bursts into tears when reporter asks him about first day of school

This video of 4-year-old Andrew Macias on his first day of school is for all the kids — big and small — out there putting on brave faces as they march into new schools with a million fears swirling through their heads. It’s for the moms too, who are watching them go, when inside so many of us are crying.

When a reporter asked him about his first day of school, he seemed all sorts of excited. Even when she asked him if he would miss his mom, he giggled and said, “No!” Then you see reality set in, and his face just crumbles.

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Who doesn’t want to hug him?

There’s so much buildup and excitement leading up to the first day of school. There are new backpacks to fill, bright new crayons with sharp points and possibilities galore. But there are also so many unknowns. From a 4-year-old leaving his mom for the first time to a middle schooler who has never used a combination lock, there are so many things that have emotions running high, of which this boy reminds us.

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The good news is that with each day, each year, things get easier. Still, it’s OK to cry too.

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