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Parents are naming their babies with random words, and it’s kind of cool

When it comes to baby names, parents have plenty of inspiration all around them.

But instead of going the traditional route of checking their family tree or picking up a baby name book, these days a lot more moms and dads are going with… the dictionary?

A look at the 2014 popular baby names list from the Social Security Administration shows an increase in parents using heretofore random words as names for their little ones. We know you’re familiar with some of the more random names celebs are bestowing upon their own little cherubs — such as Apple (thanks, Gwyneth Paltrow) — but these rather unique choices aren’t limited to the rich and famous.

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When you think about it, words have a long history of becoming names. The so-called virtue names (such as Faith, Hope, Grace and Charity) came into our collective baby name pool centuries ago, and names that indicate real-world objects or actions are definitely prevalent (for example, you probably know people named Hunter, Violet, Clay and Penny).

And the bar continues to rise, at least as far as U.S. baby names go. Based on the 2014 list alone, we’ve uncovered quite a few unique names that are basically just words repurposed into monikers for actual babies. Need some ideas? Here are some of the best!

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Will these be the next River, Justice, Phoenix or Jade? Only time will tell.

Girl random word names

Genesis (given to 4,144 babies)

Blue (given to 19 babies)

Passion (given to 34 babies)

Moxie (given to 36 babies)

Princess (given to 254 babies)

Lady (given to 16 babies)

Goddess (given to 21 babies)

Gypsy (given to 21 babies)

Starlet (given to 11 babies)

Island (given to 16 babies)

Dynasty (given to 33 babies)

Lark (given to 37 babies)

Navy (given to 93 babies)

Aura (given to 85 babies)

Snow (given to 77 babies)

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Boy random word names

Promise (given to 11 babies)

King (given to 2,148 babies)

Ransom (given to 92 babies)

Om (given to 87 babies)

Marlin (given to 79 babies)

True (given to 61 babies)

Sire (given to 60 babies)

Lucky (given to 54 babies)

Valor (given to 53 babies)

Wolf (given to 47 babies)

Thunder (given to 16 babies)

Rad (given to 7 babies)

Riot (given to 60 babies)

Shadow (given to 14 babies)

Maze (given to 10 babies)

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