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Police pull over speeding car only to end up delivering a baby (VIDEO)

A Seattle couple was on their way to the hospital to deliver their fourth baby when a police officer noticed their car was moving along at a rapid clip — too fast for the posted speed limit.

The cops flashed their lights to pull over the speeding car and got a big surprise!

It was the middle of the night, and the minute their car pulled over, an agitated father hopped out to tell Officer Anthony Reynolds that his wife was in labor. The officer immediately requested an ambulance, but the baby girl had no interest in waiting around for the paramedics, and her mom could not stop from pushing. As she hollered in pain, the dad-to-be paced around, and soon enough, you could hear the cries of a newborn baby ring out in the night.

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Keep the tissues handy, because in this amazing dash cam video, you can hear it all as it goes down:
There was a small hiccup shortly after her birth, when the baby spent a tense moment or two struggling to breathe. But happily, both the mom and Officer Reynolds were able to clear her airway, and she’s A-OK. The mother and baby were soon transported to a nearby hospital and are reported to be doing well. The couple later sent a thank-you note to the officers who came to their aid in their time of need.

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This story proves that no two labors and deliveries are exactly the same. For this fourth-time mama, the baby was in a bigger hurry than she realized, and it was probably too late even before they stepped foot in their vehicle. But as a woman’s body takes over, does its own thing and takes care of business all on its own when it comes to labor and delivery, it can happen quicker than you might think, and these parents are not the only mom and dad who have been surprised by a side-of-the-road delivery — and they won’t be the last.

Usually the more vaginal deliveries you have, the more rapid your labor and delivery will be, but that is not always the case, and no matter how many kids you’ve had, sometimes babies arrive crazy fast. The good news is that even though an emergency delivery can be extremely scary, babies (most of the time) arrive just fine on their own, with no more help than their mothers naturally pushing them out.

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This story’s happy ending will be one that both parents look back on fondly, as well as the police officers who were there to help them bring their baby girl into the world.

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