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Company turns annoying parenting advice into butt wipes (VIDEO)

Even before your baby is born, well-meaning friends, relatives and complete strangers start heaping parenting advice upon you.

And it doesn’t end with actual people. You probably have a stack of books on your bedside and are confronted with baby advice as you browse Facebook — whether you’re searching it out or not. But it’s usually never a welcome experience when someone tells you that you’re doing it wrong, is it? Because we’re all doing the best we can at parenting our kids, so when some dingdong decides to tell you what they think you should be doing, without you asking for advice, it can make you question your own instincts and/or seethe with internal rage at the advice giver.

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That’s where Tommee Tippee comes in. The popular U.K. brand has gained a respectable foothold in the U.S. with its popular baby bottles, sippy cups and other amazing infant and toddler feeding gear, and the company has tapped into what all we moms know is true — we know our babies best, and sometimes the advice that confronts us on a daily basis is a little too, well, overwhelming.

The company decided to take that advice — actual pages of baby care books, for example, or printed-out blogs from the Internet — and make it into baby wipes. Though the wipes aren’t for sale to the general public, you easily get the point when watching the video.

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If you’ve ever thought, “I know exactly what you can do with that garbage advice,” then Tommee Tippee’s Advice Wipes are right up your alley. How satisfying would it be to take actual parenting advice and wipe your baby’s butt with it? We’re guessing the answer would be, “Very.”

Often people really do mean well when they offer advice. Some folks feel like it’s a fun way to make conversation or to show interest in you and your child’s lives. In some cases, advice should be listened to (for example, if you’re driving around with your toddler improperly restrained in your vehicle, the advice could save her life).

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But on the whole, when a parent is given advice — without requesting it in the first place — it can feel like a kick in the pants, and that’s no fun at all. So it really would be lovely to use those words, those pages of advice, and wipe poop off our kids’ butts with it.

The bottom line is that parents usually know what they’re doing, and they generally do it just fine without interference from others. And that is an incredible thing to know.

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