Sarah Michelle Gellar spills her favorite thing about having kids

You probably associate Sarah Michelle Gellar with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Cruel Intentions or Scooby Doo.

It might make you feel old, but Gellar is now a grown up: she’s a wife (to Freddie Prinze Jr.) and mom of two, one of whom is gearing up for the start of a new school year… just like the rest of us.

SMG is working with Crazy 8 on kids’ fashion these days, and she recently took a few minutes of her day to chat with SheKnows about what she’s been up to, her thoughts on the upcoming school year, and mothering in general.

SheKnows: We’re in the throes of back-to-school season. You’re a busy mom like a lot of our readers. What’s back-to-school shopping like for your family?

Sarah Michelle Gellar: I think back to school shopping is an important part of growing up. I love this time of year… kids are coming to the time in their life where they’re beginning to explore who they are as individuals and to put out there to the world who they want to be. It’s fun to let them get creative in choosing their clothes but as the mom of a daughter, I have to help her balance her choices between what she wants to wear and what’s age-appropriate. She often sees what “the big girls” wear and wants to have the same type of clothes, but as her mom, I have to help her choose what’s appropriate. I do have fun shopping with my kids and seeing what they pick out and how they express themselves.

My kids are dirt magnets! Sometimes they change clothes four times a day… and the way they outgrow stuff? I swear my kids grow two inches a night. Crazy 8 has a great price point that’s reasonable for everyone and the clothes are really fun.

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SK: Tell us what your favorite thing about back-to-school is now that you’re a mom.

SMG: I love the start of the school year and the excitement of a new beginning. My kids love school and love learning, so they’re really happy about the whole idea of back-to-school. It’s really fun to see them get excited over the little things like having a new teacher and new cubbies and new markers. Their enthusiasm makes it really fun for me.

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SK: Certainly, back-to-school season is a fun and hectic time for moms but what’s your favorite thing about being a mom, period?

SMG: I love seeing my kids grow and develop and explore the world… and the free snuggles don’t hurt either.

SK: Free snuggles are awesome. I want to ask you about the photo of your daughter at jiu jitsu that went mega viral the other day. We loved the “future slayer” hashtag! What’s the key to raising a little girl who isn’t afraid to be a total badass?

SMG: I love that jiu jitsu offers my daughter a way to explore things. She loves dance classes and girly stuff; she loves this just as much. As a parent, I love the discipline that martial arts offers. I took Tae Kwon Do as a child and I got a lot out of it. I think these kinds of activities really teach life lessons and help kids to be strong and actionable, how to stand up to bullies and make good choices if they’re put in uncomfortable situations. It [raising a badass little girl] isn’t about fighting… it’s about being strong and making good choices, being responsible and sticking up for yourself.

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