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Perez Hilton on making himself over as ‘Super Dad’

Perez Hilton is best known for his uproarious takes on celebrities, pop culture and all things Hollywood.

His blog, new podcast (more on that later!) and upcoming role onstage are all big parts of his life, but these days Hilton is all about being a dad and raising a family.

Already a father to son Mario, born in 2013, Hilton recently became a father for a second time. Little Mia was born this past May via surrogate.

SheKnows sat down with Hilton to hear all about his new life as a father of two and how he’s juggling career and parenthood, proving celebrities really are just like us — trying to do it all for their careers and their kids.

“The best change is just getting to discover this new person,” Hilton says of the change from going to father of one to father of two. “She is so beautiful and lovely and funny and sweet. She is the best thing. The specificity of who she is. You know, you think you know what being a parent will be like, but you don’t really know until you meet your child and interact with them. She is the best thing.”

As for Mario, Perez says the transition has been smooth: “He loves being a big brother, there’s no jealousy! The only thing is probably a little overexcitement. He needs to be reminded that she’s small and he needs to be gentle.”

So how does a single dad with a career manage two kids under 2? A nanny… and his mom.

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“I have her help, and I also have ‘help help,’ as I made a decision to have a child on my own without consulting my mother,” Hilton admits. “I let her know, but I always did it with the understanding that I would never demand her help. It would only be if she wants to help, when she wants to help, when she can. Because she’s her own person and has her own life.” Judging by the sweet snaps of the kids with their “Abuela” on Hilton’s Instagram account, she is choosing to spend plenty of time with her beautiful grandkids:

All that help has enabled Hilton to get one of his pet projects off the ground even with two small kids at home: The PHP (Perez Hilton Podcast). But even there, the kids play a role.

Hilton has run into some ribbing from his co-host about his parenting stories, as he loves talking about his kids at work. “My co-host is not receptive, but my audience is!” he says. “He has no children, so I understand it, but I’ve always loved kids, so I don’t mind hearing kid stories! Even if they’re not my kids, I love kids!”

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It’s a theme that carries over into Perez’s next big project: He is portraying — you guessed it, a dad —  Danny Tanner in the new Full House: The Musical! When asked if he draws any real-life inspirations from Danny Tanner’s parenting, Hilton says, “Well, not any inspiration from Bob Saget, that’s for sure. And not Danny Tanner either, really, because that show was like a fairy tale in many ways. Like, life isn’t always that easy.”

It is true that cheesy advice accompanied by tinkling piano music won’t solve most of your kids’ problems, but it was fun to watch back then, as Hilton did as a child. And his kids will watch TV too — but with some pretty strict rules.

“I will totally let my kids watch it on the weekends and in moderation. My whole thing is that the weekends rule. I definitely try to be Super Dad during the week in that we do no TV, no unhealthy food, but on the weekends, we will go out to eat somewhere or for a birthday party. Of course my son can have cake and all that jazz — I’m not going to deprive him — but I want what’s best for my child, and in many ways, I’m trying to parent in the opposite way that I was raised,” he says. “I had no concept of healthy food growing up or proper portion size. I never exercised growing up or played outdoors that much, so I try to encourage and provide as much of that as possible for my son.”

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