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Royal family fed up with paparazzi stalking and harassing Prince George

What would you do if you had paparazzi trying to lure your kids out so they could snap unauthorized photos of them? That’s what Kate Middleton and Prince William are dealing with, and they’re less than thrilled.

In a statement released by the royal family, the couple outline some of the recent shenanigans that have taken place as photographers try to get photos of their children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

For example, someone rented a car and hung curtains up in the windows, and he brought along enough food and drink to get him through an entire day of surveillance. He was discovered by police in the trunk of the vehicle shooting photos through a small gap.

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And this isn’t the extent of the crazy.

Cars have been pursued leaving family homes, folks have tried to use other kids to lure the tiny prince into view on playgrounds, paparazzi have been found hiding on private property adjacent to the royals’ home — and in sand dunes while Prince George was playing with his grandma on a beach.

Of course, this means the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have major concerns about keeping their children safe and happy because they don’t want them to grow up behind closed doors and out of sight, and they have requested that this practice stop.

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While we aren’t future kings and queens, we can still relate to the distress this mom and dad are feeling. There isn’t any mother on the planet who would be cool with sleazy photographers hiding and taking photos of her kids. Even though they are some of the most famous people on the planet, Prince William and Kate Middleton shouldn’t have to deal with this, nor should their children be forced to grow up with people being paid to sneak photos of them. This shifty behavior is not only a massive invasion of privacy, but it would be frightening to any 2-year-old to have creeps lurking around when you’re just trying to play.

And if you’ve ever seen someone post an unauthorized photo of your own child, it probably resulted in similar feelings of helplessness and distress. While it’s not the same thing as the royal family is going through, it’s still creepy and you want it to stop. So, while we’re not royalty, we are parents and we can imagine how the duke and duchess feel about the insane steps people are taking to snap pics of their kids (and, in turn, sell the pics for great amounts of money).

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We’re not sure how effective their plea will be — after all, money talks, and some people don’t have the proper moral foundation to realize how wrong their actions are. But perhaps making a statement like this will cause those of us who enjoy publications that use unauthorized photos of kids to reconsider future purchases.

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