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The best celeb mom pics this week

We rounded up the sweetest, funniest and most heartwarming celebrity mom Instagram snapshots of the week. From Reese Witherspoon’s adorable son Tennessee to Blake Lively’s “food baby” and even Mariah Carey taking her daughter to get her ears pierced at Claire’s, find out what some of our favorite celebrity moms were up to this week.

Gwyneth Paltrow posted this sweet snapshot as she and her 11-year-old daughter, Apple, enjoy a day at the beach. The 42-year-old makeup-free actress looked fresh-faced as her daughter gave her a kiss on the cheek.

A few days earlier, Paltrow shared a photo of her son Moses perched on top of a horse with professional polo player and Ralph Lauren model Nacho Figueras. Ah — the life of a celebrity kid.

Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon shared this sweet photo as she and her 2-year-old “little comedian” son, Tennessee, bond on the beach while on vacation.

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Blake Lively
Blake Lively shared this photo as she poses with a restaurant’s staff, looking stylish as always. We don’t see a bump, but apparently the actress, who is mom to 8-month-old daughter James with Ryan Reynolds, thinks she looks slightly pregnant in this picture so she quickly joked, “No, that’s not a baby in my baby… It’s guacamole.”

There you have it, folks. It is just a food baby!

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We decided to check in on Snooki to see how her new lips were looking. The Jersey Shore alum and mom of two recently revealed she was getting lip injections.

“I’ve always hated my thin lips and never thought I had the balls to get needles in my lip to perfect them but I did!” she wrote in a previous Instagram post. “Trust me girls, I was terrified to get my first ‘procedure’ ever done, but it wasn’t terrible at all! And I hate needles! I love my ‘natural beauty’ , but being able to enhance my lips to make me feel better about myself is life.

She posted this new pouty photo this week. Kylie Jenner would be proud.

Bethany Hamilton

We have always loved Bethany Hamilton, the professional surfer who lost her left arm in a shark attack and was the inspiration behind the movie Soul Surfer. Her most recent post, however, makes us love her even more. Hamilton gave birth to her first child, a baby boy named Tobias, nine months ago and speaks out about all this focus on losing the baby weight.

“Here I am two months after giving birth to Tobias. I feel great and healthy! It takes 9 months for our bodies to change and grow. So I can say it’s alright to take your time, maybe about 9 months, to get back to the new, healthy, beautiful, and normal you,” she writes.

She also shared this cute photo of baby Tobias peaking out through his sling.

Vin Diesel

No, he’s not a celebrity mom — but we had to share this heartwarming snapshot of Vin Diesel with his daughter Pauline, who lovingly has her tiny hand in his ear. The Fast and the Furious star named Pauline after his best friend, actor Paul Walker, who tragically died in a car accident.


He’s all grown up! Madonna shared this photo of her son, Rocco, as they celebrated his 15th birthday. In the photo, Rocco, whose dad is Madonna’s ex-husband Guy Ritchie, is holding a dog and sporting mirrored round glasses. “Love you so much,” Madonna writes.

Mariah Carey

Diva in training! Mariah Carey took her 4-year-old daughter, Monroe, to get her ears pierced and shared this sweet photo on her Instagram page. Believe it or not, Mariah didn’t take her daughter to some fancy schmancy spa or doctor’s office to have them pierced — she went to a Claire’s in Sherman Oaks. The ear piercing is actually free with the purchase of a pair of earrings.

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