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9 Coolest things from the Internet this week to share with your kids

Who says screen time is just for grown-ups? Here are nine awesome, kid-centric stories from the web this week. Enjoy with your little one!

1. Frozen crossover?

During a Reddit Q&A, Frozen co-director Chris Buck revealed that Tarzan could actually be the long-lost brother of Anna and Elsa. Turns out, their parents didn’t die on that boat after all. Is your mind blow yet? — MTV

2. For real, though

Eek! It’s a giant tarantula! Don’t touch! Or is it just one of Stefan Pabst’s insanely realistic 3-D drawings? Check out this amazing video of a little girl who’s afraid to go near a simple piece of paper. — BuzzFeed
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3. Pit ball

Like ball pits? Love pit bulls? Then you’ll squee with delight over this positively adorable video of a pit bull “swimming” in a kiddie pool that’s filled with colorful plastic balls. She’s — wait for it — having a ball! — Huffington Post

4. Speaking of dogs…

If you’re looking to be slightly grossed out, feast your eyes upon comedians Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal… feasting on pet food. Spoiler alert: You will not be inspired to try your dog or cat’s food afterward. (The real action starts at around 2:20!) — Huffington Post

5. Nice buns

Are you tired of eating hamburger buns that are, um, regular-colored? Looks like you’re in luck! KFC China is introducing a sandwich with a pink bun. The sandwich is called the Rose Cheese Roasted Chicken Burger, and sometimes it even comes in a pretty little box with a pink rose. Cool or positively disgusting? — BuzzFeed

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6. Dr. Feelgood

Never fear the doctor again when you see Dr. Adnan Khera’s awesome — kinda goofy — moves. Dr. Khera, an anesthesiology resident at Boston’s Tufts Medical Center, dances in the street twice a week in order to raise money for charity. So far, his organization, Doctor Be Dancing, has raised over $5,000 for animals that need rescuing, children who are living in poverty, terminally ill children and meals for people with chronic illnesses. — People

7. Fun with characters

Looking for a new Instagram account to follow? Check out the account of French photographer François Dourlen. Dourlen superimposes famous TV and movie characters into the real world, and the result is pretty astonishing. — Look

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8. Best. Day. Ever.

No one is immune to the magic and fun of Disney World — especially this tiny hamster. Watch the adorableness unfold as this teeny-tiny hamster, who’s had other adventures, has the best day ever with Mickey at Disney. — Popsugar

9. Star Wars... only lighter

The characters in Star Wars don’t always have to be in doom and gloom situations and galaxies — at least that’s how artist Kyle Hagey sees things. Hagey digitally crafted our favorite Star Wars characters onto much fluffier situations. Tea with Darth Vader, anyone? — Mashable

Which story do you find most interesting?

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