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Radio DJ shares his disgusting ‘conditions’ for breastfeeding in public

We’d love to give Alex Dyke, a DJ on BBC Radio Solent, a piece of our mind after he went on a painfully misogynistic rant about breastfeeding in public.

In addition to saying that women should just stay home to nurse their babies and that public breastfeeding should be stopped, the British DJ is under fire for announcing that only good-looking moms should be allowed to nurse in public. Even then, Dyke says they wouldn’t… because they know it’s not a good look. This delightful individual went on to say that men are wimps because, even though they agree with him, they’re too afraid of their wives to say anything.

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So, yeah.

This guy is completely ridiculous.

And in case you’re so spitting mad at his diatribe that you don’t know just what to say to him, we’re here to help! If we had a chance to corner him in a room, here’s what we’d say to him.

You have no idea what you’re talking about

Talk to the hand


Mr. Dyke, your brain seems to have exited your cranium, and you didn’t realize that your silly rant would be heard by people who realize that women who breastfeed are just women who breastfeed, not out for attention or a sexual thrill. And we don’t want to hear your crap.

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What decade are you living in?

Oprah isn't having it


Breastfeeding went out of “fashion” decades ago (for a time, women who nursed were considered wretched or poor because it was felt they could not afford bottles or formula), but the practice has enjoyed a resurgence as of late. It’s old-fashioned and pretty stupid to expect women to hide when they nurse their babies.

What a sexist butthole you are



Breastfeeding is simply feeding a kid. Suggesting that good-looking women don’t want to breastfeed because it would ruin their personal appearance is gross and misguided. Women don’t breastfeed because they want to look good (or hide because it “looks bad”) — they breastfeed because their child is hungry.

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Why don’t you stay home to eat?

What is wrong with you?


Because that’s exactly what you’re expecting these babies to do. If you get hungry when you’re out, too bad, so sad (and before you argue that women can just pump — actually, not every breastfeeding mom can; it’s not that simple). Stay home, or better yet, eat in the bathroom. Sounds ridiculous, right? Because you are.

Get lost

Bye bye


It looks like the BBC has wised up and suspended this clown for his idiotic comments, but even then, we’d love to tell him to take a hike and get lost. Because, really, you can’t say things like this and not expect to come under fire.

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