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Kids feel neglected by parents who spend too long on smartphones (WATCH)

There’s growing evidence to suggest that rather than wanting to play on our phones our children want to play with us. Such as the recent video released by kids’ shoe brand Start-rite, as part of their #passiton campaign.

Start-rite spoke to kids between the ages of 7 and 11 about their parents’ use of electronic devices and the results are definitely thought-provoking. The overwhelming response is that they’re not impressed by the older generation’s reliance on technology and in some cases it makes the children feel “ignored” or “stressed.”

Video credit: Startriteshoes/YouTube

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I recently took a 24-hour break from my smartphone, prompted by National Unplugging Day. It was great for me — and my kids. Realistically working online and from home means any breaks I have from the digital world are short-lived, due to necessity rather than obsession. But my 24-hour hiatus from my smartphone has definitely shaped my habits.

The Start-rite video makes me even more determined to try to limit my time in the world of technology — at least when my kids are around.

“He’s just on his phone constantly,” said one young girl, adding: “It makes me feel a bit stressed.”

“My mum, she spends all day on her computer and I feel sad because I won’t get to play with her,” revealed another.

“It kind of just makes me feel like they don’t care about us,” was the heartbreaking comment from one little boy.

“They’re not giving me enough attention,” said another.

OK, Start-rite, I think we get the picture. Parents, you know what to do.

The Start-rite #?passiton campaign is encouraging parents to get active with their children, playing some of the fun retro games we all know and love instead of using modern technology.

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