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15 Hilarious ways to confirm you’re really pregnant

She’s known as the woman who broke the internet by posting an image of a naked magazine cover online, so it’s no surprise that Kim Kardashian is once again baring it all — this time, in an effort to prove to the naysayers that she is in fact pregnant with her second child.

Kardashian posted a nude selfie showing off her baby bump, along with a body-positive message stating she’s not going to let negative comments impact how she feels about herself during this pregnancy.

If posting an image of herself in her birthday suit is what makes her feel good when talking about her pregnancy, then more power to her! The human body is beautiful in all forms, especially when it’s doing something as amazing as growing a new life. But some of us may prefer to keep our pants on when letting others in on the good news that we’re expecting.

So what’s a mom to do when people don’t believe there’s really a bun in that oven?

Here are 15 ways to prove you’re pregnant that don’t require you to practice your duck face or shave your legs.

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1. Eat an entire bag of sour cream and onion chips dipped in vanilla yogurt.

2. Take selfies wearing various baby carriers and ask your Facebook friends to vote for their favorite carrier.

3. Be first in line for cake whenever there’s a birthday at the office.

4. Comment on the smell of your co-worker’s coffee breath from across the office.

5. Pee nine times in the course of one hour.

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6. Sob uncontrollably whenever you hear a song with the word “baby” in it — even in elevators.

7. Rock things in your arms — like your purse, a watermelon or a loaf of bread as you wait in line for the store checkout.

8. Start wearing maternity pants, even if you need a belt to hold them up.

9. If you see someone with a cast, ask them if they have a boo-boo.

10. Order five cases of baby oil from Amazon in an effort to ward off stretch marks.

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11. When meeting a new person, repeat their name out loud a few times during the conversation to test it out for baby name potential.

12. Fall asleep 20 minutes into Magic Mike XXL.

13. Whenever someone mentions a new skincare product they love, warn them about the dangers of hidden salicylic acid.

14. Absentmindedly rub your belly at all times.

15. Convince your friends to do a pastry crawl this weekend instead of a wine trail tour.

What’d YOU do that let the world know you really were expecting?

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