Britney Spears dyes her son's hair so they can match

Aug 10, 2015 at 12:59 p.m. ET
Image: FayesVision/

Britney Spears shared a sneak peek of what went down when her sons, brother and niece hit backstage at her Vegas concert, meeting Skrillex.

The photo shows Britney and her youngest son, Jayden James, with matching rainbow-tinted hair. And it’s so stinking cute, we can’t even.


Now, lots of mamas might get uptight about the idea of an 8-year-old boy having his hair dyed crazy colors, so it's no surprise this mom move is raising eyebrows.

But giving a little boy the freedom to try different things and not be hung up by convention is important. The hair isn’t the issue. A kid encouraged to express himself absolutely is.

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If you think it’s inappropriate for boys to color their hair like their mother, consider that studies show kids who are forced into strict gender roles can actually suffer mentally and physically.

If you think kids should wait until they're older to dye their hair, consider that there are lots of options out there — like colored hair chalk, which is temporary, or using Kool-Aid, like we did when we were kids (although, be warned, it can last a long, long time). The Environmental Working Group also offers reviews of various hair coloring products and a look at how safe (or not) they are, so you can make a safe choice for your kids.

If you think some people might judge you harshly for letting your kid change their hair color, consider how positive it is for parents to teach their children to listen to themselves first and not be afraid to be a little different. Be a role model and show your kids how to be comfortable in their own skin — and even the occasional head full of rainbow hair.

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If you think crazy hair is the fashion equivalent of a gateway drug and that tattoos and piercings will naturally follow, consider having a conversation with your kids about the difference between playing with your look and making a lifelong alteration to your body.

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Now, sure, there’s a time and place for playing with your appearance and taking the occasional fashion risk. Punk rock hair might not be appropriate all the time. And that’s OK too. Have a conversation with your kids about how and when it’s appropriate to be edgy and when it’s time to blend in with the crowd. But hanging backstage with your megawatt star mommy and meeting Skrillex is most definitely an appropriate time for rainbow hair. We love that Britney and Jayden didn't hold back, and neither should you or your kids.

We have loved watching Britney blossom into her full mommyhood, and encouraging her boys to define themselves however they choose is something more parents should probably do.

Nice job, Brit. And those boys are beautiful, rainbow hair and all.