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Tweets about what our Moms taught us will leave you teary-eyed

The #MyMotherAlwaysToldMe hashtag has produced some really touching tweets about the lessons that Twitter users have learned from their moms. Parenting is no easy task, but these tweets prove that there are clearly many, many moms who have got it right.

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Learning that patience is a virtue, to be weary of who you hang out with, and just how strong a mother’s love is are just some of the valuable lessons mothers teach. Below are some of the best #MyMotherAlwaysToldMe tweets that will leave you teary-eyed.

1. The first lesson is that a mother’s love is like no other… and she will remind you of this 100 times.

2. Mothers always want their children to treat others with kindness and respect. And to know that the way you treat others is ultimately a reflection of your own character.

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3. But you must still be willing to put yourself first — and to know when to cut your losses.

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4. You should always set goals for yourself — and work hard at making your dreams come true.

5. Mother always knows best! Even when you don’t think she’s looking out for your best interests, she really is. This includes people who she thinks will hurt you or lead you astray.

For these reasons and many more (it’s OK to cry, look for the good in people, appreciate what you have, and winning isn’t always everything), we are so grateful to have/had a mother to teach us some of life’s most important and beautiful lessons.

What is the best lesson you learned from your mother? Let us know in the comments below.

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