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4-D Ultrasound reveals a face that’s downright creepy (PHOTO)

Four-D ultrasound pics aren’t always what you expect. That crystal-clear imaging can capture everything — including an expression on your baby’s face that’s far more creepy than cute.

Four-D ultrasounds are becoming popular among pregnant women who just can’t wait until their child’s birthday to see what the baby will look like. But as one dad-to-be discovered, getting a sneak-peek at your bundle of joy could cause you to say “Argh!” instead of “Awwwww!”

Reddit user _ItsAllRelative went with his wife to get a 4-D ultrasound. While they were in the waiting room to see their developing baby, they saw a sample scary 4-D ultrasound picture that looked less like a blossoming rose and more like Rosemary’s baby:

Between the hormones your body is dealing with and stress over the changes having a new baby will bring to your life, pregnancy dreams can already be pretty wild, so it’s no surprise that _ItsAllRelative and his wife decided not to add to their nightmare fuel and skipped the ultrasound.

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Ultrasounds used to be performed solely for medical purposes, in order to check on the growth and development of the fetus. These ultrasounds were blurry and grainy. Unless you had a doctor to explain what you were looking at, it was hard to tell your bladder from your baby. But as technology has advanced, ultrasounds have become clearer.

In a routine pregnancy with few ultrasounds, you may not have many opportunities to see your developing baby. Some women choose to take advantage of this new 4-D ultrasound technology and catch a detailed glimpse of their baby’s face at a 4-D ultrasound studio. These studios will create keepsake images or photo DVDs complete with background music for the parents-to-be. A 4-D ultrasound can be a great way to share the excitement of pregnancy with friends and family who live far away or to remind the mom-to-be why all this heartburn, swelling and general discomfort will be worth it in the end.

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But spooky images like this one are the reason why a mom’s belly isn’t see-through. Could you imagine hoping to see if the baby has his father’s eyes and seeing this instead? It’s truly a face only a mother could love. There’s a lot going on in a pregnant belly, and not all of it is adorable. While it’s great that we have the technology to do such advanced screenings for medical purposes, when you go for a 4-D ultrasound for fun, you have to be aware that you may not get a frame-worthy image.

If the potential for seeing a wee monster in your tummy doesn’t scare you off the idea (or if you’re a big fan of scary movies and would love a demonic ultrasound picture), then a 4-D ultrasound is a cool experience to have during your pregnancy. But the FDA does suggest limiting ultrasounds that aren’t medically necessary, so perhaps save the multiple photo shoots until after the baby is born.

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In the event you do get an ultrasound picture that sends shivers down your spine, don’t despair. Your child is still a work in progress and will surely be an adorable newborn — and now you have a great photo to scare your friends with this Halloween.

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