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Charles Kelley of Lady Antebellum is going to be a dad

After struggling with infertility for years, Cassie and Charles Kelley have announced they’re going to be parents with a gorgeous letter to their fans.

Charles Kelley is one of the vocalists for the country music group Lady Antebellum, and his wife penned a heartfelt announcement on her lifestyle blog, Womanista, to announce their big news.

Their baby is due in February, and they’re both beyond excited to be able to share after a few months of keeping this huge secret.

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Instead of a typical pregnancy announcement, however, Cassie outlines the struggles the pair has faced over the last few years as they’ve tried to conceive a child. Married six years ago, they started trying for a family a few years back, with no luck. As anyone who has tried to have a baby and didn’t experience success in the first few months knows, each month that goes by without that positive pregnancy test is accompanied by increasing disappointment.

The Kelleys eventually visited a Nashville-area fertility doctor who conducted a few tests and announced that they had only a 1 percent chance of getting pregnant on their own. While the news was crushing, they decided to travel, relax and enjoy their summer free from the stress of trying to conceive, with plans to revisit conception talk in the fall. Fortunately a pregnancy test she took in early June revealed that she had indeed become pregnant.

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Sharing the news as well as the story of the journey they had to travel to get to this point is an amazing way to connect with readers. It also helps other couples realize that they are not quite so alone if they’ve had to deal with the stress of not being able to easily conceive a baby. Cassie also shares a few things you should never say to someone struggling with infertility, like “Just relax!” or “Go on vacation!” While these points may have seemed to work for this couple, it’s hurtful to say to others who are on a road that you may not have had to travel.

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Infertility is often a silent, personal struggle, with moms and dads feeling that it’s not something they can easily share. It really helps to know that you’re not alone, so while this is amazing news for the Kelleys, hopefully it gives another struggling couple a little bit of peace to know that they’re all in this together.

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