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10 Times toddlers jack their mom’s big moments

With their fancy strollers, fleets of nannies and creative baby names, it can seem like celebrity parents and the average mom have nothing in common. But Mariah Carey’s son proved yesterday that kids are a great equalizer, and no amount of fame and fortune can stop a willful toddler from doing exactly what he or she wants.

Mariah Carey’s 4-year-old son Moroccan stole the spotlight during her Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony yesterday afternoon when he broke free of his caretakers and clung to his mother’s leg.

While Moroccan was quickly hustled out of the limelight and Mariah handled the situation like a true diva, never once losing her pose or smile for the cameras, as a parent it’s easy to feel a tiny bit bad for her. We might not have a cabinet full of Grammys, but all moms can relate to having their thunder stolen by a pint-size usurper. These might not be red carpet affairs, but here are just a few of the times when it stinks to have your moment in the sun snatched away by your child.

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1. You’ve got on a clean shirt, fresh pants and are feeling pretty — until your ketchup-covered toddler comes in for a hug.

2. They insist on blowing out the candles on your birthday cake.

3. The babysitter is on her way for a much-needed date night, and as you’re putting the final touches on your hair, your child announces they don’t feel well.

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4. Your husband got your favorite fancy chocolate for Valentine’s Day, and your children remind you that it’s important to share.

5. You’re catching up on The Bachelor during nap time and hear the monitor go off just as the final rose is about it be awarded.

6. It’s dinnertime, and you’re trying to tell your partner about the compliment you got from your boss today, but you keep getting interrupted by requests for more milk and by dropped baby forks.

7. The kids find your spot where you keep your secret stash of Thin Mints. And here you thought putting them in box marked “dried kale” was so clever.

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8. You’re a bridesmaid in a wedding for a dear friend, and your daughter abandons her post as flower girl to follow you down the aisle.

9. You can’t remember the last time you unwrapped a present without your child’s “help.”

10. You’re newly pregnant and planning to tell your mom with a cute reveal in a few weeks, but they overhear you talking about it and spill the beans to Grandma before you have a chance.

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