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Sneaky, urine-stealing husband shocks wife with pregnancy announcement

When a woman thinks she’s pregnant, she’s usually the one who takes a pregnancy test. However, for popular YouTube couple Sam and Nia, the roles were reversed.

Sam begins this video in his home’s bathroom shortly after coming home from work. He tells viewers that his wife thinks he’s in there pooping, but he has other ideas. In his pocket, he has an unused pregnancy test — and in the toilet, a bunch of pee. He explains that Nia doesn’t flush at night because it would wake the baby (always a valid excuse, and this also really saves water consumption in the home) and as she texted him earlier that she was two weeks late, he hatched a plan.

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Watching him “take” the pregnancy test is completely adorable, and then seeing him share the news with his wife is hilarious. At first, she thinks he’s brought home a positive pregnancy test from his work (he works in the medical field), and then one of their kids asks if Daddy is pregnant. Once the real story makes its way out, she of course freaks out, the kids are jazzed, and Dad is over the moon.

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Taking a urine sample from a toilet is definitely not going to work all the time, but as Nia said she’s already two weeks late (or around six weeks pregnant), she has tons of hCG on board that made it possible. Modern pregnancy tests are super sensitive, but even then, catching an early pregnancy is not likely using this method. He does have a blank second test that she takes herself near the end of the video and is rewarded with an immediate, strong positive, unlike the earlier, slower-to-develop version her husband initially did.

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However, if you don’t want your husband to possibly steal your pregnancy-revealing thunder, flush that pee down! She does say a few times that she had all these plans in mind about how to reveal the big news, but honestly, this video is amazing and will be a precious memento of the moment she found out their quirky, sweet family of four was going to grow.

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