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Dad does the unthinkable to win daughters One Direction tickets

How far would you go to fulfill your child’s wildest dreams? We’re not talking about a family trip to Disney. We’re talking about a dad who sacrificed his body to win his daughters One Direction tickets by getting an embarrassing tattoo no grown man should ever get.

Most parents would lay down their lives for their kids, but they may not be so quick to go under the needle. Thirty-seven-year-old Roger Fraser of Nashville, Tennessee, took it to the next level when he got an “I Love One Direction” tattoo in the hopes of winning his two daughters One Direction concert tickets.

At face value, this guy’s an idiot — especially considering that he never even qualified to win the tickets since he didn’t read the fine print. The coveted One Direction tickets were only available to Indiana residents. Fraser’s master plan to knock the socks off the radio hosts with his poorly executed 1D tattoo was an epic fail, but this sweet dad bought tickets and drove 300 miles to the One Direction show in Indianapolis to take his daughters anyway.

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Right now, it’s One Direction, and a decade ago it was ‘N Sync. What’s the big deal, and why would any father do something this ridiculous so his daughters could see their favorite band? If you have a daughter, there will inevitably come a time when she is going to beg (and cry and maybe scream a little) for concert tickets, movie tickets or plane tickets to see her latest celeb crush that everyone is going crazy for on Instagram. It’s just how being a tween works.

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Most parents would use this emotional opportunity to teach responsibility: Save up your allowance, set aside some babysitting money and maybe we’ll take you to see that concert. We’ll see.

It’s important to set limits, especially as kids move into the tumultuous teen years, but there’s something to be said for parents who are living in the moment. This dad could have used his daughters’ One Direction obsession to teach an admittedly boring but valuable lesson. Instead, he took a hard right and willingly embarrassed himself to show his daughters how much he cared.

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Fraser may get criticism for his tattoo fail, but he’s not the only parent to embrace this “hands-on” parenting style. Tanya and Adam Phillips, parents of 18-month-old Honey-Rae, also made the permanent commitment to get tattoos for their daughter’s sake. The couple tattooed matching birthmarks on their legs so their toddler, who was born with the same birthmarks, would feel less alone. Alistair Campbell, father of 6-year-old Charlotte, got a tattoo of her cochlear implant on his head in solidarity. Keith Anderson proudly wears his young son’s drawings tattooed on his arm, adding to the design each year.

We’re always told to cherish each moment because our kids are only young once — but how many of us are actually doing it? There’s nothing that says you have to get a tattoo to prove you love your children, but there’s also no clear-cut formula that can teach you how to bond with your child in the short time they’re in your home.

This dad’s ridiculous stunt was actually a brilliant parenting move in disguise. He was plugged in, he was paying attention to his daughters’ interests and he’s also a grown man who knew exactly what he was getting into. Now he and his daughters have a permanent reminder of the hilarious memory they made together.

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