7 Ways to respond to ‘Are you still breastfeeding?’ (GIFs)

Asking a mom if she’s still breastfeeding isn’t inherently rude or nosy. In fact, sometimes it can lead to a new friendship. Reaching out to another mom about something you may have in common can be an excellent ice breaker.


Asking a mom if she’s still breastfeeding is kind of a jerk move. The slightly disapproving tone of the question, a raised eyebrow, a barely-contained sneer… just one of these added elements can contribute to some pretty ill feelings on your part.

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Instead of mumbling something and darting away at the first opportunity, add a few of these sarcastic comebacks to your repertoire so you’re prepared when someone asks such a stupid, judgmental question about your parenting.

“Why, are you wanting a turn, too?”

Wanting a turn

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Because I totally have enough to share. Really.

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“What is this ‘breastfeed’ you speak of?”


Image: Giphy.com

Would you mind making sense once in a while? K, thanks.

“No” (latches child on)


Image: Giphy.com

I really have no idea what you’re talking about. Wait… how did this baby get here?

“No, she just drinks from the dog’s water bowl now”

Goat drinking

Image: Giphy.com

It’s easier to feed her this way.

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“Yes, and I’m also starting a breast milk ice cream business. Want a sample?”

Ice cream Ron Swanson

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You can even go into business with me!

“Yes, but I’m planning to wean him before he starts college. Probably”


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Actually, there are plenty of colleges nearby where I can just pop in for a feed.

“Does your mom still breastfeed you?”


Image: Giphy.com

Because that’s totally my business, amirite?


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