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8 Coolest things from the Internet this week to share with your kids

Who says perusing the web needs to be a solo affair? Grab your kiddo — and your computer — and check out the cool things that made their way to the Internet this week.

1. Internet’s newest star

No doubt you’re wildly familiar with Grumpy Cat. Now meet his match: Grumpy Puppy. Equally cute. Equally grumpy. — CNN

2. The cutest thing you’ll see all week

Three words for you: Baby. Hedgehogs. Sneezing. (#squee!) — Mashable

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3. Happy birthday, Bugs Bunny!

Did you know Bugs Bunny turned 75 years old this week? He looks great, doesn’t he? In honor of Warner Bros.’ most mischievous star’s birthday — which was July 27 — here’s the very first Looney Tunes episode where Bugs looked and sounded like the rabbit we know and love. — Variety

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4. The most amazing meals you’ve ever seen

Have you thought about issuing yourself a gold star after finally making those PB&J rolls you saw on Pinterest? Then you might not want to check out Laleh Mohmedi’s Instagram account, Jacob’s Food Diaries. Each night, Mohmedi asks her 2-year-old son Jacob what characters he’d like to eat the next day, then fixes his meals accordingly. From Simba from Lion King to Olaf from Frozen, this supermom has created edible versions of practically every character known to man. — Huffington Post

5. Speaking of food…

Ever wonder what a peanut butter and pickle sandwich tastes like? Or cheddar Goldfish in milk? Watch people try super-weird food combinations, and see their hilarious reactions. (Warning: some bleeped-out NSFW language!) — BuzzFeed

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6. An answer to (the lack of) female superhero dolls

Love Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy or Black Widow from The Avengers but can’t ever find her in doll form (as opposed to every male superhero)? This mom came up with an awesome solution. She started doctoring up other dolls to look like her 3-year-old daughter’s favorite kick-butt characters. Genius idea — and super easy! — Facebook

geek grrls

Image: Geek Grrrls Dolls/Facebook

7. Corgi invasion

Last weekend in Long Beach, California, 800 corgis took over a beach. The result? Sheer adorableness. — Facebook

8. Elephant meets birdies

What’s cuter than an elephant playing with a bird? A baby elephant playing with a flock of low-flying swallows. Check out this insanely cute little elephant trying to play with a bunch of birds in Kruger National Park in South Africa. — Time

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