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Fatherhood changes men a whole lot more than we thought

Before having children, most men and women have a list of things they say they’ll never do as parents. Dads-to-be in particular can be insistent that having a baby won’t cramp their style. But words, like cupcakes, were made to be eaten, and the man you married might be very different once he becomes a father.

A new study by the Institute for Social Science Research at the University of Queensland in Australia found that men become more traditional in their opinions on gender roles after becoming fathers. In other words, he really does become a little bit more sexist.

But while being able to shout “science says I’m right!” would be a great way to win an argument when your man is being a bit of a buffoon, it doesn’t quite seem fair to hold this one over his head forever.

After all, becoming a parent changes your entire worldview. New moms also see things differently right after having a baby (like how a pair of pants with a zipper is considered “dressing up”). So sure, having a baby will change your man, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. You might find watching your man find his way as a daddy makes you love him even more. Here are just a few of the ways men can change once they become someone’s dad.

1. He still sings in the shower, but it’s less AC/DC and more ABCs.

2. He puts those handy man skills to good use — his block towers are structurally sound.

3. His competitive streak extends to the baby, never letting you forget he was the first to figure out how to do a swaddle.

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4. When his team isn’t doing well, he whispers at the television instead of yelling.

5. He spends more time comparing makes, models and prices for strollers than he did when buying a new car.

6. Your sporadic sex life has led him to develop a new appreciation for just how sexy a pair of yoga pants can be.

7. The man who claimed peas were poison is now eating fruits and veggies in an effort to be healthier for his family’s sake.

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8. Instead of his usual potty mouth, he says things like, “Gosh darn it!”

9. He’ll skip a dude’s night to stay home with his own little guy instead.

10. You’re not the only one tearing up over sappy diaper commercials anymore, but you pretend to believe him when he says he just has allergies.

11. He’s still obsessed with your boobs, but lately his questions have more to do with how much you’re able to pump and whether you’re running low on nipple shields.

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12. He stops talking about that Mustang and starts talking about minivans.

13. In the name of baby proofing, he’s finally willing to pack away those Star Wars figurines you’ve been fighting over since you moved in together.

14. You catch him watching Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood long after your toddler is asleep.

15. He finally appreciates the art of the selfie — say “cheese,” baby!

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