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3-Month-old baby melts Dad’s heart with ‘I love you’ (VIDEO)

Nothing melts a parent’s heart quite like hearing “I love you” from their child. This father had no idea it would come from his 3-month-old son.

Ted Moskalenko is a new father who probably had no clue how much of a bond he could create with his son — let alone his influence. Words are a very powerful tool and, apparently, quite enticing to Ted’s baby boy. Watch as he tells his son “I love you,” and pay close attention to his reaction when his 3-month-old mimics him back.
Granted, this clip is under 10 seconds, but it doesn’t need much for you to see how adorable it is. Aside from this baby being too cute for words, the mere fact that he tried to say “I love you” is pretty amazing. Any parent who heard this would be caught off guard and tempted to rush their child off to Harvard. While this 3-month-old is pretty impressive, most babies his age aren’t babbling three-word phrases — so please don’t feel bad if yours has yet to ask, “Hey Mama, what’s going on?”

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However, one thing that babies do have in common is the ability to differentiate sounds used in speech. In fact, a study in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences reveals babies begin preparing to talk even before they know how to form words. The University of Washington’s Institute for Learning & Brain Sciences notes that most babies are likely to babble (you know, baby talk) around the 7-month mark, when their brains are trying to figure out how to utter words. So when can you expect to hear your child’s first word? While it will vary greatly, some experts believe it doesn’t happen until after their first birthday.

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As a parent, there are so many milestones you can expect to see that will fill your heart with joy. The simplest things — like your baby’s first smile, coo and trying to crawl — will probably have you in tears when it happens. Appreciate the journey, as little ones can and will grow very fast on you. One minute they were your precious newborn, and the next they’re rushing off to high school (gasp). A great way to preserve memories for time to come is to record or photograph your baby’s moments — no matter how special or silly you think they are. This proud papa was very fortunate to have his camera recording at the right place and time.

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