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Jaime King gives new baby a fierce first name

Jaime King and her husband, Kyle Newman, have revealed their second child’s classic and very cool baby name.

The pair became parents for a second time on July 16, and Newman tweeted out their new addition’s name, Leo Thames, a week or so later.
The couple went with another classic first name for their son, like they did when their older boy, James Knight, was born, and went with a quirky cool name for the middle spot.

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Leo is a very traditional baby boy name that means “lion.” According to the Baby NameVoyager, Leo first peaked in the 1900s, when it was ranked as the 44th most popular baby name for boys. It gradually became less popular over the next several decades, bottoming out in the 1990s — but as with many classic baby names, it’s enjoying a resurgence and gaining popularity again. Owen Wilson also went the classic route when he named his son Finn, and Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis named their little boy Otis.

Leo’s middle name, though, is pretty unique. Like many celeb babies before him, his parents went with the destination baby name trend by using the name of the famous River Thames, which is located in southern England and runs through that country’s capital, London. A couple of other celebs who have also chosen place names for their little ones are Gwen Stefani, who named her youngest son after a local beach (Zuma), and Liam Hemsworth, who named his first baby India, and there are dozens and dozens more.

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The couple hasn’t dished quite yet on the reason they chose such a unique middle name, but it’s definitely an excellent choice. Paired with such a singular, classic first name, it really flows well, and of course, both of their boys’ names sound amazing together.

Thumbs-up, Mom and Dad. We’re looking forward to seeing photos of baby Leo soon and can’t wait to “meet” him.

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