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Moms can’t stop laughing at stroller company’s ridiculous photo

For most of us, heading out for a walk or run with the kids requires lots of planning: plenty of snacks, small toys, a supportive sports bra and plenty of drinks and sunscreen for all. But Bugaboo’s latest jogging stroller ad presents a much simpler approach, and many moms aren’t buying it.

Bugaboo, known for high-end strollers often seen on reality shows featuring celebrity moms, gave women on Facebook a good snort recently when it posted a picture of model and runner Ymre Stiekema using its latest stroller, the Bugaboo Runner. Even though ads are designed with aesthetics in mind, many women scoffed at the image and called it highly unrealistic, noting the lack of a water bottle holder (epic fail, Bugaboo!), the serene child and the model’s barely there running outfit:

Even though this isn’t how many of us would choose to pack and dress when heading out for some fresh air, maybe we’re being too harsh. After all, as parents we often tell our children to never judge a book by its cover.

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Perhaps we should give Bugaboo the benefit of the doubt here as well. After all, there could be many perfectly logical reasons that this woman decided to go out for a run with no socks and sans kiddie snacks. Such as:

1. It’s laundry day.

2. She’s sleepwalking.

3. She’s a fantastic storyteller and in the middle of The Emperor’s New Clothes.

4. Her wallet is missing, and she’s desperate to find it.

5. A Sharknado is coming.

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6. She woke up like this.

7. She’s frantic to find her diaper bag.

8. She lost a bet.

9. They ran out of Goldfish crackers, and her child insisted they go to the store immediately.

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10. She bent over and tore her favorite yoga pants (what? like it’s never happened to you?)

11. She’s preparing for the zombie apocalypse.

12. She has sensitive skin and just doesn’t like how pants feel.

13. She’s teaching her daughter a lesson about responding to unwanted catcalls.

14. She’s in a wedding next week for a fashion-forward bride, and this is the only way to prevent tan lines.

15. She heard the ice cream truck.

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