Mothers share shocking videos of their daughters being beaten by bullies

If your child is being bullied your first instinct might not be to post a video of the awful ordeal on social media. But two mothers have recently taken that step to shame the bullies accused of the attacks.

In the first video 12-year-old Katie Morris is seen having her hair pulled by classmates in a playing field at Ashby-de-la-Zouch’s Ivanhoe College. Katie claims she was spat on, kicked in the face and thrown on to nettles last month, after she stood up to a gang of girls who were making fun of her shoes.

Katie was knocked unconscious during the attack and later treated in hospital.

The ordeal was filmed by an onlooker and later posted online by Katie’s mother, Antonia King, in order to bring her daughter’s alleged bullies to “justice” and to try to stop them picking on anyone else.

After being posted on Ms. King’s Facebook page, the video has been uploaded to an anti-bullying website and has been viewed more than 325,000 times, reported the Daily Mail.

Video: TV News/YouTube

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Another clip shared on social media by a furious parent shows a group of girls viciously attacking 15-year-old Sophie Nevard and setting fire to her hair extensions. The bullies filmed the attack then uploaded it to Snapchat and Instagram, reported the Daily Mail.

Following the attack in Dartford, Kent, Sarah Nevard posted the clip on her own Facebook page to try to expose her daughter’s attackers, writing: “These two girls, aged 18, had beaten up my 15-year-old daughter and filmed it. Humiliating her by burning her hair extensions and laughing about it on Snapchat. Absolutely fuming.”

Video: Latest News/YouTube

Will a bit of online shaming make bullies think twice about their behaviour? Perhaps. Although those who seem to take some kind of perverse pride in their attacks, as demonstrated by Sophie Nevard’s bullies who boasted about their actions on social media, may see it as just another form of self-promotion.

What Antonia King and Sarah Nevard have done, is show that bullying is real, it’s happening across the U.K. and it’s a problem that needs to be addressed. Schools need to firm up their anti-bullying policies and parents of bullies need to step up and do what they can to stop it happening.

For advice and support if your child is being bullied visit the Anti-Bullying Alliance.

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