Mom refuses to wait for Marvel to make superhero dolls for little girls

If your daughter loved sci-fi, comic books and superheroes, but you were unable to find toys or apparel that featured her favorite female characters, what would you do?

For Rebecca Millar, the answer is clear: Make them yourself. On Twitter, she describes herself as “Self-proclaimed Queen of the Geeks. Book loving author, writer, blogger. Trekkie raising a Marvel obsessed mighty girl.” And she definitely is all of those things.

It’s no secret that there is an underwhelming amount of female characters represented in merchandising for some of the biggest franchises out there. Of particular (and recent) note, if your children like Gamora or Black Widow, they’re basically out of luck. This has spawned a movement to reach the attention of the execs at Marvel, but in the meantime, Millar thought she had the skills to transition typical Bratz or Barbie dolls into something her daughter was really into.

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Happily she did and continues to do so (and also has instructions on how to dive right in if you’re so inspired). She’s chosen some of the most amazing female fictional characters to represent in her daughter’s toy chest, drawing inspiration from not only Marvel but DC Comics, Star Trek and The X-Files.

Millar is not letting her impressive Twitter presence go to waste either, as she is actively tweeting Marvel.

It’s one thing to gnash our teeth at the powers-that-be as they refuse to make more female action figures, apparel and other toys for our sons and daughters, but it’s another to take the reins and forge ahead, making amazing versions ourselves for our kids to play with.

Not only does it have immediate gratification for Millar, who can now simply hand over these seriously cool, geeky toys to her daughter, but it’s showing her girl (and other moms around the world) that we don’t have to wait around for changes to be made.

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Yes, as Millar points out, #girlslikemarveltoo, and that goes for every sci-fi or comic book franchise out there. Being a superhero, being strong, being clever, saving people and getting in on the action are not all exclusively a male thing at all. And having an awesome female role model for both boys as well as for girls is extremely important.

So if you’re fed up with waiting for Marvel, and Star Wars and DC Comics to start making more female character toys, maybe you can give your child’s old dolls a superhero makeover too.