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Celebrity mums who are proud to ‘overshare’ their breastfeeding pics

I have no desire or energy to defend women who want to breastfeed their babies in public. Or even — shock, horror! — post beautiful pictures of themselves nursing on their personal social media accounts.

So instead I’m giving a massive virtual high-five to the famous ladies who remain defiant in the face of criticism, who respond to the breastfeeding gestapo by posting another snap of full-on breastfeeding loveliness.

Because really what could be nicer than a baby being fed and comforted by its mother? (And that goes for bottle-feeding mums too because, contrary to popular belief, brelfies aren’t motivated by a desire to shame mums who make a different choice.)

The latest breastfeeding celebrity mum who has made the pages of our papers is Tamara Ecclestone, who is proud to share her brelfies with the world. Most of us don’t breastfeed in the comfort of a private jet but beyond that any nursing mum can relate to Tamara’s experience.

Courtesy: Tamara Ecclestone Rutland/Instagram

The snap comes only a month after the Formula One heiress’s last brelfie, which caused a bit of a fuss on social media. Users blasted her for “oversharing,” describing the pictures as “gross” and telling her there was “no need” for her to post pictures of her “t*** hanging out”.

Tamara got the chance to respond to her critics on Lorraine, saying she had no idea the snap would provoke such a strong reaction and pledging to continue to advocate breastfeeding for infants.

Video: Lorraine/YouTube

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And on that note, here are some more celebrity mamas who won’t be shamed into censoring their brelfies. It’s been a long time since I was a nursing mum but, if I’m ever in that position again, I’ll be doing exactly the same — proud to have my t*** hanging out on Instagram for the best possible reason.

Courtesy: Jaime King/Instagram

Courtesy: Alyssa Milano/Facebook
Courtesy: Blake Lively/Instagram

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