Millions of pieces of children's furniture recalled by IKEA

Jul 22, 2015 at 3:23 p.m. ET

Our homes might be our calling card when it comes to decorating, but it's also an environment for unimaginable injuries. Ikea's most recent furniture recall will make you think twice when it comes to child safety precautions.

The beloved home furnishings giant is recalling 27 million chests and drawers after reports of child injury and death resulting from furniture that wasn't secured to the wall. Customers are strongly advised to stop using children's chests and drawers higher than 23-1/2 inches and adult units higher than 29-1/2 inches.

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The Consumer Product Safety Commission urges immediate repair by using a wall anchoring kit that will help make life for your family less dangerous. Ikea will provide a free wall anchoring repair kit to all U.S. customers who purchased a recalled item. Each kit will contain the necessary hardware and tip-over restraints to help ensure your chest or drawer won't be hazardous to your child. All unanchored dressers and chests should be moved away from areas accessible to children until the repair kit is properly installed. Call 888-966-4532, or visit to order your free kit.

Accidents resulting from furniture tipping over are very scary and unfortunately very common in households. Every two weeks, a child dies from furniture and televisions falling on top of them. In efforts to educate parents about the importance of furniture safety, Ikea, along with CPSC, has created the Secure It! campaign that both addresses safety concerns and gives tips to prevent accidents. It is their hope to bring more awareness to these unfortunate situations and to help make households safer environments.

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In addition to using the free wall anchoring repair kit, parents are urged to not let their children climb or hang from drawers (easier said than done, but nonetheless a safety goal). You should also think twice about placing a heavy television (use a TV cabinet) or other heavy objects on top of a chest of drawers, as they can easily fall off.

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