Boy born with a rare eye condition has an incredible birth story

Jul 21, 2015 at 5:33 a.m. ET

Little Aiden Pryor's life has been eventful so far — and he's only 4 years old. His birth story is one no pregnant woman will want to hear (don't worry, it has a happy ending) but it's definitely one of the craziest you'll come across.

Derbyshire mum Victoria Pryor, 31, revealed to The Mirror how her son, Aiden, came into the world and it certainly wasn't a typical home birth. Ten days after her due date and suffering from stomach pains Victoria took a bath one night on the advice of her midwife. After her bath she walked into her bedroom and described how Aiden "literally fell out of me onto the floor," snapping the umbilical cord on his way out.

"I got out of the bath and the pain had grown so much worse," she said. "As [husband] Anthony phoned the midwives, I started making my way into our bedroom to the bed, as I thought that would be the best place to give birth. But before I could get there, Aiden just came out. There was nothing I could do to stop it."

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After her newborn son dropped out of her womb Victoria was worried his left eye had been damaged by the fall, as he didn't open it for several days. However tests a few weeks after his birth revealed that Aiden had been born with only one eye, a condition known as anophthalmia.

Anthony and his father, Steve, were both found to carry the gene for anophthalmia and microphthalmia, where the eyeball is so small it is often barely visible at all. When Aiden's little brother, Oliver, was born two years ago he was also tested for both conditions and doesn't appear to be affected, although they will only know if he carries the gene when he becomes a father himself.

Luckily Aiden hasn't been mentally affected by the disorder but he has worn a number of different prosthetic eyes since birth and endured several medical procedures and a great deal of pain.

"At 4 weeks old, Aiden was fitted with his first prosthetic eye at the National Artificial Eye Service in Nottingham," said Victoria. "It was a clear Perspex piece that he had to wear to help his bone structure to form properly. Some children's eyes are fused together with anophthalmia so they said Aiden was very lucky and a dream to work with."

Since then Aiden has had a new eye fitted every six months. Last year he underwent an operation to have a permanent ceramic ball implanted (with a thin artificial eye disc on top of it) but it was rejected — and the same thing happened on the second attempt.

A skin graft from Aiden's tummy to build up the eye socket appears to have been successful and he's waiting to get his new eye fitted in August.

"Aiden's been really brave about his condition but he has no depth perception so he's quite clumsy," said Victoria. "It's also made him more shy than other children his age, but we're really proud of him."

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