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8 Shopping tips for boys that will get you through back to school

Shopping for boys — especially teenage boys — is easier said than done.

The men’s clothing department is a whole other world, and believe it or not, teen boys can be just as picky as teenage girls when it comes to what they wear. Survive your shopping experience, and get some duds they’ll be happy to wear with these easy shopping hacks.

1. Know his style

Just like girls, teenage boys each have their own unique style, and they’re not likely to wear something that falls outside of their comfort zone. Is he casual, preppy or athletic? Maybe a combination of those? Knowing this ahead of time will get you off to a good start and avoid disaster when you arrive home with your purchases.

2. Know the lingo

You probably have a fit you prefer in your clothes, and so does he. There’s a world of difference between slim fit, modern and relaxed clothing (and those are just a few of the cuts you’ll find), and it’s important to know the difference and which he prefers. Look for brands that have classic fits, like Levi’s® 501® Original Fit, whose numbered styles guarantee you’re always going to get the fit he loves.

3. Go for comfort

Ladies might be willing to suffer for fashion, but guys don’t fall for that trap. Look for soft fabrics and loose waistlines, and avoid anything that might feel scratchy.

4. Stock up on T-shirts

Lucky for you, tees are always in style no matter what trends he follows. They’re great alone for a casual look, layer nicely under other shirts and can be worn over collared shirts or with jackets for a more trendy look. Stock up on both plain and graphic tees, and he’ll be a happy (and well-dressed) camper.

5. Mix it up

He might be a jeans-and-T-shirts guy, but everyone needs a little wiggle room in their wardrobe. Choose a pair of khaki pants and a few dressier shirts for special occasions or days when he just feels like something different.

6. Don’t get too trendy

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to help him be on trend, but limit those purchases to a few key pieces. Trends pass by just as quickly for boys as they do for the ladies, so don’t invest too much in pieces he’ll wear for only one season.

7. Choose quality

It might seem like a good idea to always reach for the cheaper clothing items, especially for a growing teen, but this is one of those times when quality really does matter. Boys are definitely not easy on their clothes, and low-cost brands don’t always hold up to all the wear and tear. It’s worth the extra money to stick with a brand you know and trust — or else you may be buying a whole new wardrobe by the time winter arrives.

8. Let him layer

Boys tend to layer up, and they can’t always be bothered with matching. Buy him some hoodies (both zippered and pullover) in basic colors like gray, black and navy that will look good thrown over just about anything. Stay with a slightly fitted look to keep him from looking sloppy.

This post was brought to you by Levi’s®.

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