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Minion comes to the rescue of 5-year-old who fell from a window

A 5-year-old girl is now safe after a terrifying fall from the window of a three-story apartment building.

The Denver Post reports the unnamed girl was playing in her bedroom one evening when she fell backward from a window. Police credit a Minion stuffed animal that helped cushion her fall. The little girl was treated at the hospital for a broken arm and has since been released.

This story sounds scary, and rightfully so. Unfortunately these types of accidents are far too common, especially when it comes to small children.

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The organization Safe Kids reveals that unintentional falls are the top cause of nonfatal child injuries. Since 2011, an estimated 2.8 million kids have received emergency room treatment due to fall-related injuries. Falls from windows in particular are more common than you think. Safe Kids estimates 3,300 injuries occur each year among children ages 5 and under.

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This story makes you realize how easy it can be for something like this to happen. As a parent, you sometimes don’t think twice about opening up a window to provide air in a room, especially in the heat of the summer, but all it takes is a second for the unimaginable to happen.

Safe Kids urges parents and caregivers to install window guards with an emergency release on all windows above the first floor. Window screens simply aren’t enough, as the weight of a child can be enough to push through the screen. Those who have windows that open from the top should use them as an alternative to opening from the bottom. As expected, all windows should be locked when not in use.

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