Military dad re-creates touching family photo with his own son

A man saved a photo from his own babyhood, in which he sat on the lap of his Army dad, and says he’s always planned on re-creating it. Thankfully he did, and it’s adorable.

Reddit user dde0485 writes, “I’d planned this photo years ago as long as I had a son and was still in the military. My dad and I, and my son and I.”

Military photo recreation with dad and son

Image: Reddit

And I love it. Re-created family photos are a big love of mine, and it’s so sweet to see this dad all grown up, cradling his baby son in the same manner as his own father did years ago. They’re both hanging out, in uniform, in an armchair, as their babies look up to them in happiness. And it’s a huge trip, even for us, to think that the infant in the first photo is all grown up and holding a son of his own.

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The picture was met with plenty of positive reactions. One commenter says, “This is investing in your sons future. 25 years from now he’s gonna take the exact same picture with his son and get mad karma.” And dde0458 says he may do just that. “I will keep this one for a long time,” he writes. “Maybe it can get a third addition to it in 25 years or so!”

It’s always hilarious when kids re-create their own childhood photos when they’re all grown up, but when the kids take on their parents’ roles in a re-created photo, it has more of a “circle of life,” profound feel to it. To see three generations across two photos in similar settings is pretty awesome, and while the photo’s owner doesn’t say if his dad is still around to enjoy the re-created, modern shot, he probably loves it if he is.

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It’s not always easy to re-create old photos either, and you can see the snippets of modern life in the new photo that weren’t around in the older one — a different chair, more stuff around the boys and different styles of uniforms (even though both men serve in different branches, you can tell his dad’s uniform is older).

If his son is in the military, I hope that when he becomes a dad that he re-creates these photos for a shot of his own and goes back to that Reddit thread. Because that would be amazing.


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