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Lorenzo Lamas’ wife gives birth… to their new grandchild

Shayne Lamas welcomed her second child, a baby boy, thanks to her stepmom, Shawna Craig… who was also her surrogate.

Shayne posted this photo as she snuggles with her newborn son and her 3-year-old daughter, Press. The baby boy, named Lyon Lamas-Richie, was born on the fourth of July and weighed 6 pounds and 4 ounces.

“Queen Princess Prince one love,” she captioned the photo.

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This baby brings happiness to the family after Shayne lost her second child after a near-fatal ectopic pregnancy last year. The 29-year-old soon learned she could no longer have kids. “When I found out I could never have kids again, I screamed at the top of my lungs,” she told Closer Weekly. “My world was over. It was the worst moment of my life.”

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That is where her dad, Lorenzo, comes in. The 57-year-old actor’s wife, Shawna Craig, offered to be the surrogate for Shayne and Nic. What makes this a little strange is that Shayne is 29 — and her stepmom is 28.
Despite the possible weirdness of having a stepmom that is younger than you, Shayne calls Shawna her “angel.” Using an embryo created by Shayne and her husband Nic, Shawna became her surrogate.

“Shawna’s not just my stepmother, she’s like a soul sister. She’s an angel that blessed my whole family, including my father,” Shayne gushed.

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Lorenzo shared this photo via Twitter of Shawna during childbirth while Shayne watched on. “The new bundle of joy arrived via natural water birth and everyone is healthy and happy,” a source told Closer Weekly.
Shawna explained in an Instagram post that she loved doing this for Shayna — and she and Lorenzo, who has six kids from previous relationships, actually did not plan on having kids together.

“As an egg donor and now a surrogate, I’ve helped to create more lives than him. That’s a lot! Guess I make good babies! But in all seriousness, Nothing more amazing than giving someone the chance to be a parent for the first time/again,” she wrote. “And so glad my sweet husband is understanding of my desire to not have children of our own. Raising our girls is enough for us and we are excited to see them succeed and have more time to pursue our passions, give back and travel.”

Congratulations to the happy family!

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