Parents outraged over Princess Leia action figure

Jul 16, 2015 at 5:00 p.m. ET
Image: My Fox Philly

A "slave outfit" Princess Leia doll has drawn the ire of one dad, who said the action figure was super inappropriate and should not be sold to kids.

You're familiar with Princess Leia, who is one of the strongest Star Wars characters, right? And I'm sure you're also familiar with her Jabba the Hut scene where she's chained up while wearing a pretty badass metal bikini? Turns out that there is a toy depicting her in this scene that is available for kids ages 4 and up, which is unsurprising as it's pretty similar to other action figures that have been churned out since Star Wars: Return of the Jedi debuted in 1983.

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However, this dad, who didn't seem to be super familiar with the film franchise, completely flipped his lid when he and his girls came across Slave Leia in Target while they were shopping for birthday presents.

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"That’s pretty inappropriate," he told My Fox Philly. "I got two daughters I don't need seeing that crap."

I'm trying to understand where the outrage stems from. Is it the bikini she's clad in? I would hope not, considering he and his girls probably walked right by this Barbie at the same store:

Target Barbie in a bikini

Image: Target

Or is it because Leia is chained up? Is it because she's a female in black packaging, which makes it more... I don't know... serious? Or like it is meant for boys? Or is it a combo of her vapid expression (seriously, why couldn't they do a better job on her face?), the bikini and the chain? As another parent interviewed by My Fox Philly said, "It’s a little indecent. A little more clothing would have helped."

This dad seemed to be unsure how to answer his girls' questions, but I can sum it up pretty well if he doesn't want to rewatch the movie: Leia was captured by an evil creature, but she triumphed in the end by choking the giant beast with the chain meant to enslave her.

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This dad doesn't indicate if other Leia action figures were avaliable in the store also, but the bikini version is not the only one that has been put out in this series of toys — she is also available in her Boushh disguise. And there is no shortage of other awesome Leia action figures — for example, here is Leia on Hoth ($8, Hasbro).

Of course, not everyone is on the same page when it comes to what we feel is appropriate for children, but I have to say if you have a problem with one scantily-clad female toy, then you should probably stay out of the toy aisles and stick to shopping online for toys you feel are appropriate for your own kids — or be prepared to answer their questions with honesty. Wearing bikinis is not the exclusive domain of Princess Leia toys by any stretch of the imagination, and saying this toy is suitable only for adults is a huge stretch.