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Why moms secretly dread the end of summer

Summer is ending, which can only mean one thing.

It is now time for me to complain about all the things I’m going to miss about summer after spending all summer complaining about the things I missed about school when school got out for the summer before summer is done for and it’s back to school. It all comes full circle in the end, folks.

1. No bedtimes

Am I the only one who honest-to-goodness does not put her children to bed on any type of schedule in the summer time? Please say yes. It’s just so nice in the evenings. And there is ice cream! And I’m lazy.

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2. Ice cream

Speaking of ice cream, for some strange reason I have no guilt about letting the kids eat ice cream at least every other night in the summer. I mean, it’s almost like a fruit serving if we get the strawberry cheesecake flavor, right?

3. Leisurely mornings

If I could choose my favorite part of life, I would have to say it’s a leisurely summer morning brunch spent sipping coffee on the porch in my nightgown while my kids swing on the swings. It’s the stuff of dreams, in my book.

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4. Popsicles

Got a kid who’s bored, whiny or just plain annoying the crap out of you? Send ’em outside with an ice pop. Works like a charm every time.

5. The promise of vacation

We never actually go on vacation during the summer, but I have a lot of fun just imagining all of the places we could go if we got ambitious enough. It’s the thought that counts.

6. Pool time as bath time

That’s all I really need to say about that one, obvi.

7. The excitement of announcing beach day

OK, I’ll admit it: Seeing my kids’ reactions when I say, “Who wants to go to the beach?” is actually better than packing up my house and lugging everything to actually go to the beach.

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8. Guilt-free movie nights

After a day spent playing outside, getting dirty to our hearts’ content, I love knowing that I can pop a movie in at night for the kids, completely free of guilt about the screen time. Because they’ve earned it. In fact, we all have.

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