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Baby sees for first time through glasses & her reaction goes viral

If you’ve got 30 seconds to spare, this adorable viral video of a baby seeing with glasses for the first time will wash your brain of all the bad news you’ve been reading — my gift to you.

Since this undeniably sweet video of 11-month-old Piper Verdusco of Cincinnati was posted to Facebook last month by her mother Jessica Sinclair, it quickly went viral, and you’re about to see why. Baby Piper, who was born with weak eyesight, just cannot contain her glee at finally seeing clearly through a new pair of pink glasses:

Sinclair explained to ABC News that she and her partner Andrew Verdusco had taken Piper to the pediatrician a few weeks prior because she was not crawling yet. According to Sinclair, the pediatrician thought Piper may have astigmatism. Upon further examination, Piper’s doctor confirmed that she was “extremely farsighted” and in need of glasses.

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Before recording the now-viral video, the family picked up Piper’s custom-made glasses and went out to dinner to celebrate. With the iPhone camera rolling, Sinclair put the new glasses on her daughter while Piper was seated in her high chair at the restaurant. Within seconds, you can literally see Piper’s perception change — she breaks out in a huge grin as she sees the world for the first time.


Image: Boing Boing

Besides the oh-so-obvious cute factor here, Piper’s mom hopes this video will raise awareness about infant eye health and the importance of getting a baby’s eyes checked to correct a problem early on. Sinclair may be in luck: Piper’s video has over 18 million views and has been shared more than 270,000 times on social media in just a month.

Sinclair says, “It was a fantastic moment to witness… I’m happy, and I want to get awareness out there for infants to get their eyes checked, but it’s just totally blown me away that it’s gone so far.” Sinclair adds that now that Piper has her glasses, she is progressing well and has even started crawling.

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Say what you will about annoying modern parents and our cell phones, but whenever moments like these are captured between parents and their kids, my Grinchly heart grows three sizes. I’m going to bookmark this cute video for later. Every time I read yet another depressing headline, Piper’s sweet little face will remind me that there’s still plenty of good news in the world — you just have to know where to look.

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