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10 Hilarious selfie fails every mom can relate to

Over the years I’ve been attempting to master the selfie.

When you’re the one in the household walking around with the camera, you find that you’re often not in the moments you’re capturing. Of course, they’re still wonderful memories to look back on, but I’d like my kids to see that I was there with them.

In my quest to perfect my selfie-taking skills, there have been plenty of less-than-stellar moments I’ve caught.

Here are my top 10 embarrassing selfies I have taken during this past year in an attempt to get myself in the picture.

1. The “lean in with my kid” selfie

Selfie 1

This is the most frequent selfie offender for me. Leaning in while holding a camera and attempting to catch my kids in their youthful splendor while looking presentable for our family photo albums is a difficult feat.

2. The “walking the dog” selfie

Selfie 2

Remember Fido? We used to walk him down at the pier on the weekends… I have proof! What a special bond we had.

3. The “missing face/family” selfie

Selfie 3

Capturing your entire head in a frame can be a challenge… not to mention the four other family members who are supposed to be in the photo with you. The struggle is real.

4. The blurry selfie

Selfie 4

That outline of a human you see is me having a wonderful time with you.

5. The beautiful-view selfie

Selfie 5

Capture yourself with scenery in the background or it didn’t happen. Can you see it now? How about now? I have 20 versions of this selfie.

6. Bad-angle selfie

Selfie 6

Does this selfie make my face look fat? The short answer is yes. Happy anniversary babe!

7. Mother’s Day selfie

Selfie 7

Come on kids, just one photo with all of us together that captures our close bond.

8. The family trip selfie

Selfie 8

Remember that time we went to Hawaii and walked on a sidewalk?

9. The horseback riding selfie

Selfie 9

Look Ma, I’m on a horse! Can you see it now?

10. The theme park selfie

Selfie 10

Don’t ever say I didn’t take you to do fun things. If me in front of this water park isn’t proof enough then I don’t know what is.

I can’t bring myself to delete any of these ridiculous pictures because even though they’re terrible, they happen to be the only evidence that I was there that day. Even bad selfies with mom in the picture are better than no evidence of mom in the picture!

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Disclosure: This is part of a sponsored collaboration between RealTimes and SheKnows.

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