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11-Year-old reads hateful comments about himself after dad posts prank

Many don’t seem to understand the weight their words carry. This young man has a message of strength for those who are bullied.

Logan Fairbanks has had enough.

The 11-year-old boy addressed his critics and those who wish to bully him online through a video posted on his father’s YouTube page. “I’ve asked my dad to do this video for two reasons,” Logan begins. Hoping to encourage others to stop bullying, the young man also desires to provide support to those who have been victims. His video spotlights just how cruel people can be to others. “Here are some comments from my videos,” said Logan. “I’ve never read them until now.”

“His dad scared the gay right out of him,” Logan reads. “I expected that to suck the fat right of him.” “I hope he dies.” “He’s so ugly and big.” The 11-year-old continues reading hateful comments about himself for the remainder of the video before leaving viewers with a few parting thoughts. “People that have been bullied, don’t let these words affect you,” said Logan. “There’s gonna be bad people in the world.”

This video is in response to a shower prank Logan’s dad played on him. With it earning over 3.7 million views, many people had quite a bit to say regarding the masked father who frightened his singing child. As you would expect, there were tons of comments that tried to humiliate the 11-year-old.

Thankfully there are many who’ve come to Logan’s defense, asking trolls and those who think it’s OK to bully a child to stop.

“Shame to any of you that made this kid anything terrible,” Mandy Banks comments. “Your mothers must be proud!”

“Why are there adults picking and being so hateful to a child?” questions Misty Blue. “This is why kids bully other kids. They see the adults being hateful to a child so they think it’s ok for them to do it too.”

While some might question why a father would post such a video (Logan’s father called it a “good-natured prank”), it’s quite evident that our society has a problem with using kind words. There’s nothing wrong with having a good laugh, but using cruel language is unacceptable — especially when a kid is involved. Children are bullied enough by their peers and shouldn’t have to go through the same experiences elsewhere. If you can’t find anything nice to say, zip your lip.

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