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How to raise rock star kids

Music is great for a child’s development. You know that and that’s why you signed them up for guitar lessons or went against your better judgment and bought them that drum kit. But monotonous weekly lessons can take the fun out of music, too. Get ready to inspire your kids.

Daisy Rock Girl Guitars and Rock and Roll High Guitars teamed up to put together a list of tips for helping your kids look and play like rock stars. They shared them exclusively with SheKnows and we’re letting you in on some great ways to inspire your kids to get creative and have fun with their budding talents. Next time you’re rained in, consider helping your kids gain that confidence by helping them put on a show. Create a performance space for them and then help them channel their inner rock stars with these fun tips.

Get “the look”

– Always be comfortable in what you are wearing

Mamas, you know you’re most confident when you’re comfortable. Encourage your babies to wear what they love most and feel the best in. If they’re still convinced they need to look a specific way, here are a few tips to help them find their style.

– Know what the band’s style and vibe is, try to dress for the type of band it is

What kind of music is your kiddo into? Practice your rockin’ scowls in the mirror or add a dash of pop star bling, depending on the genre she loves most.

– Dress in colors that make you stand apart so you can give them something to remember you by

Matching can work for you, if you do it right. But neon is on trend and what kid doesn’t love it? Give each of ’em a different shade and help them go all out.

– Stand straight ahead and keep the audience engaged — shoulders back and stand with confidence

These are “official” tips on being rock stars. That means you can bug your kids about their posture for a “cool” reason this time.

More specifics

– No logos on shirts

You’ll rarely see a rock star with a logo on their shirt. It’s just not cool.

– No shorts or open-toed shoes

According to Daisy Rock and Rock and Roll High, these aren’t fashionable. Unless your kiddo is channeling Brian Wilson or Reel Big Fish. Then you can let it slide. Instead, consider wearing…

– Boots, boots, boots!

The experts say, “They photograph very well and the audience loves them.” Whether you love George Straight or Billy Corgan, at one point or another you’ve noticed his boots, right?

– Wear as many layers as possible

“Jackets and open collared shirts over a T-shirt look great!” they say and they have a point. How many times have you seen a rock star at a summer festival with infinite layers and melting under the hot sun? Always.

– Wear as many accessories as possible

Bracelets and necklaces “add depth and texture”… and remind us of our huge crushes on Taylor Hanson. (If you’re not ready to turn your baby boy into a heartthrob, though, we completely understand.) It’s all about sparkle and shine, right?

– The hair

If your kiddo is rocking a cropped coif, consider helping them try out gel or mousse for the first time. If you’re really up for a challenge, see if you can work their hair into a mohawk. This doesn’t need to be their everyday look — just something fun. If they have longer hair, show them how to flick it. You know the move!

Playing and performing tips

They’ve had their fashion fun and perfected their “look.” But, “the industry” isn’t entirely built on surface stuff. It also requires a fair bit of confidence and knowledge. Before they step onto your stage, make sure you encourage them to…

– Make sure the audience knows you’re having a great time

Teach ’em a cool line to shout out between songs. Think, “Hello, Wisconsin!” or “You look beautiful tonight, L.A.!”

– Interact with the other musicians on stage and smile

This is all about the “fake it ’til you make it” concept. Teaching our kids to smile on-stage will help them learn not to ride on their fear but to grin and bear it until it actually becomes fun.

– Don’t overthink or overplay

Just like there are “ball hogs” in sports, no one truly appreciates a show-off on stage. Teach your kids that sometimes the most important thing is just perfecting what you already know, instead of trying to embellish beyond your means.

For the parents

You’re doing awesome! Sure, sometimes they whimper about going to practice. Yes, you’ve been caught with earplugs in during their trombone jam session. But you’re giving your kids the gift of music and you’re awesome. Tonight, sit back and let them show you what they learned. If you really want to get into it, though, you can. Make a sign. Or pick up your old guitar and learn to play one of their favorite songs. They’ll love playing with you even more than they love playing for you.

They’ve got the look, but do they have the coolest instrument? If you’re in Nashville this week, you can enter the Summer NAMM Show on Sat., July 11 to see Daisy Rock’s Pink Sparkle guitar and other great instruments for every age and ability. If you’re a musical family, you’re going to want to stop in and get lost amid all the awesome equipment and instruments. And the Daisy Rock booth, full of stuff just for kiddos, will appease them after you spend too long at the Ovation booth. Promise.

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