Toddler dunks herself in bucket of paint while mom nurses baby

Jul 9, 2015 at 2:00 p.m. ET
Image: ABC7

While a mom nursed her baby, her toddler grew really, really quiet. And she, as many moms do, knew that something may be amiss.

And amiss it definitely was. Victoria Farmer told ABC7 she was horrified to walk into the next room and see her 2-year-old daughter, Anistyn, covered pretty much neck to toe with white paint — paint was even highlighting much of her delicate blond hair.

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As Anistyn toddled toward her, she left perfect white footprints along the hardwood floor in their home, which they are getting ready to sell. Farmer and her sister dashed into action and plopped Anistyn into the tub, and while the paint came off the toddler easily, it hasn't been so easy to remove her ghost-like prints from the floor.

Farmer has learned the truth of what many of we moms already know. Silence can be golden, but it can also be deafening when you have a small child. When kids are quiet, it usually means they're busy and engaged in some engrossing activity, but many times they are busy and engaged in some nefarious activity, like dumping out a carton of milk onto the kitchen floor or wiping some undesirable substance on their bedroom walls.

And like Farmer discovered, kids can be super quick. She admitted that while she had been careless and didn't ensure the bucket's lid was secured properly, her little girl was just extremely fast, and of course, children often know when to take advantage of a parent who is busy — in this case, while her mom was nursing her little brother. "I look like an irresponsible parent, but she's just really quick," she told ABC7. "I feel like I should make a book of her insane things."

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Of course, this story could have had a tragic outcome (for example, if her toddler had decided to go into the bucket headfirst and was unable to pull herself up and out). And I've had a scary experience or two with my own kids — like when my oldest was a toddler, he managed to get his wrists caught up in a set of mini blinds that were in his bedroom. But happily the girl came out unscathed, and her shocked mother had the instinct to snap a photo of the unharmed child before dashing her off to the tub.

But for now, we can enjoy the fact that we're not the ones trying to clean off painted-on footprints in a home we're trying to sell.

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