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Vlogger nails nasty judgment all moms face in viral bathtub video

Motherhood is challenging enough as it is, filled with stress, tears, sleep deprivation, and let’s not forget the stinky diapers. The last thing mothers need to worry about is being judged for how they’ve chosen to raise their children. But the fact of the matter is that this judgment happens every day, as discussed by mom and Facebook vlogger Nostril_Curl in her latest video.

This video has gone utterly viral, garnering over 9 million views and more than 180,000 shares since July 4. The vlogger, a deaf mother, uses sign language to address a stunning array of ways that mothers these days are judged. She begins the video by signing, “Girl gets pregnant before 25, she is too young to be a mom. Girl gets pregnant at 30, she is too old.” How many of us are guilty of secretly thinking one (or both) of these? Probably a lot. Does this mean that women basically have only a five- to six-year period of their lives to bear children to live up to society’s standards? If that’s the case, then I guess I had better work on finding my future husband ASAP. Sheesh.

The vlogger also tackled a big issue among mothers: to work or not to work? Using sign language, she said, “Girl gets job, how can she stand to be away from her baby all day like that? Girl becomes a stay-at-home mom, she probably doesn’t do anything all day but watch TV.” As someone who grew up with a mother who worked a lot, I’m guilty of having judged stay-at-home moms in the past. But this woman made me realize that I don’t know what those types of moms are doing behind closed doors. As a 21-year-old with no children, I certainly don’t have room to judge a stay-at-home mom.

Nostril_Curl was also unafraid to tackle more controversial subjects like abortion and spanking. “Girl smacks her kids, call the police and CPS. Girl refuses to smack, her kids are gonna be spoiled brats.” Though a short video, it was packed to the brim with a multitude of double standards. It was quite daunting to watch, because this one-minute video just laid it all on the table and made me realize how much society really does judge moms. Motherhood is hard stuff, as most of you reading this can probably attest to. It’s time to kick these judgmental thoughts to the curb.

She ends the video by signing, “No matter what you do, people will talk s***. So do what is best for you.” Preach it to the choir, girl.

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