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Dad pulls no punches after learning his son is a bully (VIDEO)

Footage shows a man yelling, “get back tough guy” as he records the teen getting hit in the boxing ring.

How far would you go to teach your child a lesson about bullying?

Video has surfaced of a father making his teen fight a boxer. The Daily Caller claims the son bullied other people, and as a result, is getting a taste of his own medicine.

The video shows the teen taking punches to the face and stomach as a boxer taunts him. At one point, the boxer leaves the ring before another — one who appears closer in age to the son — enters and continues the beating. There are times throughout the video when the teenager tries to fight back, but his efforts are clearly no match. By the end of the “lesson,” the alleged bully is left with a bloody mouth.

When I first heard about this video, I thought the father made a good decision with his punishment. Too many children are being bullied these days that lead to unthinkable outcomes — like a child taking their own life because of the shame. Perhaps more discipline and parent intervention would stop teens  — like the one who attacked a girl holding a toddler  — from making bonehead choices. One of the reasons why kids behave so badly is because there’s no one disciplining them at home.

I have to admit that watching the video was a little hard for me though. Some might argue the boy deserved to get hit upside his head a few times, but now I wonder if that was the right way to go. It appears the teen has a small audience watching him get schooled in the ring. Can you justify shaming when the recipient is a bully? From the looks of the teen after his punishment, who knows if he learned his lesson, or will continue terrorizing others because he’s even more enraged.

As a parent, it’s important to speak to your child about respecting others. provides useful tips and resources about bullying. Parents are encouraged to teach children who bully how hurtful their behavior is to others, and assign consequences — including role-play scenarios and writing an apology to the victim. Those who think their child is on the receiving end of bullying can learn more about warning signs. Examples include lost or destroyed personal items, unexplainable injuries and avoidance of social situations.

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