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Frozen‘s popularity puts Elsa at top of baby names list

Disney is a powerful influencer. We know that. But would you consider naming your baby after your favorite Disney movie?

After 97 years, the name Elsa has re-entered the list of most popular names for girls born in the U.S. Chalk it up to the “Frozen effect.”

In fact, Elsa has broken the top 500 most popular baby names list for the first time since 1917 and is now the 268th most popular name for girls born in the U.S., according to the latest from the Social Security Administration. In fact, in 2013, there were 528 babies named Elsa compared to 1,131 in 2014.

And the “Frozen effect” is extending beyond just Elsa. In 2014, The New York Times reports, 22 babies were named Olaf, 32 babies were named Kristoff, and even evil Prince Hans was honored, with 132 babies being named after his character in 2014, up from 98 in 2013.

People are even naming their babies after the reindeer, Sven. More than 50 babies were named Sven in 2014.

The reindeer? If you’re naming your baby after a reindeer in a Disney movie, it might just be time to “Let It Go” already. Then again, maybe the names aren’t a direct nod to the movie. Sometimes these names just seep in from popular culture.

Either way, let’s just hope people don’t take up baby names from Disney’s latest smash hit, Inside Out, and start naming kids Disgust.

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