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11-Year-old girl breaks up with boyfriend like a boss

Ah, love at 11. It’s a beautiful a thing… until it isn’t. A series of texts that were allegedly written by an 11-year-old girl to her boyfriend have gone viral, and they’re amazing.

Rather than just holing up in her room, listening to broody music, the young lady lets her boyfriend “Joey” have it after she found out he was “cheating.” In the texts, she calls him out, slams him down and breaks up with him with a heapin’ helping of sass.

She begins by questioning his actions. “We need to talk.” Then she launches into how she knows he cheated. “So I herd you went to the park with Natalie……why would you cheat on me joey? I gave you 2 chances and I actually belived you when you said you loved me but I guess not.”
He says he’s sorry, but he was just “hangin wit her.” That’s not good enough for this girl, however. “Whatever just Don’t talk to me in middle school. I didn’t even love you.” Boom.

Joey then begs to differ. “Sounds good to me and well you were the one that bought my Starbucks drink so you obviously loved me a little bit.”

She doesn’t back down but instead really lets him have it. “Screw you joey. Ding ding ding oh what was that oh yeah the elevator cause your not on my level. I won this fight. Were over forreal this time.”

Ding, ding, ding! Take that, Joey. That’s a line that should be in every girl’s repertoire. Seriously, good for her for sticking up for herself and knowing her worth at such a young age.

Her sister, Madi Nickens, allegedly found the conversation on her sister’s phone and posted it to Twitter. I say allegedly because it’s just so brilliant that you have to wonder if it isn’t a hoax or some kind of publicity stunt. I hope, though, that it’s “forreal.”

While the internet is hailing the girl’s mad breakup skills, she isn’t too happy that her sister shared her romantic woes with the world. Madi posted an update: “just told my sister she is twitter famous and she is now very mad I posted a ‘personal’ conversation.” No word as to how Joey feels.

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