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Mother ties 4-year-old son to a bush, goes to babysit other children

No matter how “crazy” your child acts, tying them up to a bush is never the answer.

Mery Isabel Quinde-Castro has some serious explaining to do. The 22-year-old mother is facing criminal charges and public scrutiny after leaving her 4-year-old son strapped to a bush at an apartment complex. CBS New York reveals Mery was on her way to babysit children when she couldn’t get her child into the apartment. That was when she made the decision to tie him to a shrub. Neighbors saw the helpless little boy and quickly called the police.

“It befuddles me why she would tie a child up to a tree — almost like a dog,” said a witness.

The 4-year-old was left alone for half an hour.

Police chief Paul Modica calls the incident “very troubling.” “I mean, there were so many other things she could have done with the child,” he adds.

Coming to her sister’s defense, Rosa Quinde told reporters Mery did nothing wrong. “She is a good mother,” said Quinde.

At some point, parents need to make better decisions when it comes to the well-being of their child. There are far too many headlines popping up with little ones being hurt or killed due to a parent’s negligence. It’s hard to understand why anyone — let alone a child’s mother — would think tying them up to a bush is a brilliant idea. Aside from potential child predators and other sickos having instant access to your little one, that sort of treatment will leave emotional scars.

Can you imagine if your mom or dad abandoned you for a period of time?

Who knows how long this 4-year-old would’ve been outside if neighbors hadn’t called the police? The story doesn’t mention weather conditions that could’ve created additional problems. Fortunately he wasn’t harmed, though one can only imagine how uncomfortable he felt strapped to a bush. It doesn’t matter if he threw a tantrum or cried for hours on end — a young child won’t always behave and will push your buttons.

Welcome to the world of parenting!

The sickening part about this story (aside from a child being left outside) is that this mother posted bail — thanks to her sister — and was able to return home to her son. Don’t her actions count as a form of child abuse that would make a judge second-guess her behavior? After all, she did get charged with child endangerment.

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