14-Year-old boy blows hand off with homemade fireworks

Fireworks might be fun to watch, but are still very dangerous. Parents need to pay close attention to children who want to bring the pyrotechnics experience home.

With the Fourth of July fast approaching, many households are gearing up to celebrate our nation’s independence. Some will host a barbecue while others look forward to packing up the car and heading off to an outdoor event. No matter where or how you choose to commemorate the holiday, there’s typically one common denominator.


Most of us have childhood memories of watching the night sky light up in glorious hues. Fireworks are loud, colorful and pretty darn awesome. This is one of the reasons why some families choose to purchase their own in an effort to have a private experience in the comforts of their own home. If this sounds like something you want to try, please proceed with caution as children are suffering firework-related injuries.

Midland Daily News reports a 14-year-old boy blew off his left hand after using a homemade fireworks device. A 12-year-old friend who was with him suffered minor injuries to his face. The Benton Harbor Police Department is still looking into the matter.

Accidents like this might make for entertaining viral videos, but can often times come with a fatal consequence.

A 12-year-old boy recently died from a fireworks accident. WKRN-TV News reveals Antonio Braden and a group of friends played around with different devices. A witness claims when one didn’t go off, Braden looked inside before it exploded. “But it did not start shooting stuff, just made a big explosion like a real bomb,” said the witness.

Unfortunately, the news is full of horrible accidents and fatalities caused by the misuse of fireworks. Hopefully this will inspire more parents to learn about firework safety in the event their child gets their hands on one — or hangs around friends who want to have a little fun.

According to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, an average of 230 people end up in the emergency room each day due to firework-related injuries. More than 50 percent are burns, with 36 percent of reported injuries causing damage to hands and fingers.

SafeKids.org strongly urges families not to use fireworks at home, and to instead attend public events hosted by knowledgeable professionals. Those who still want to use their own fireworks shouldn’t investigate products that don’t detonate (put out with water before disposing). KidsHealth.org recommends not to hold fireworks in your hand or around parts of your body. When using firework products, you should light them one at a time.

As expected, no minor should ever play with fireworks without adult supervision. Even then, it’s important for parents to thoroughly read the directions and be the one who handles each item.

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