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Mother of three charged with injecting feces into son’s IV at hospital

Before you read this, you might want to put down what you’re eating. It’s pretty disgusting on all counts.

A West Virginia mom is expected in court after being charged with four felonies, including child endangerment. Fox 19 Now reveals Candida Fluty, 36, reportedly injected her sick son’s IV with feces at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. Surveillance photos show Fluty tampering with her 9-year-old’s intravenous line and allegedly inserting bodily fluids.

“It was fecal matter, and there was also, apparently, some urine and vaginal cells in [the] material,” said Hamilton County prosecutor Joe Deters.

Since her indictment earlier this year, a judge has ordered her to stay away from her three children. Those involved with the case believe Fluty will soon plead guilty to her actions.

Cincinnati News, FOX19-WXIX TV

Fluty’s son has seen his fair share of hospitals, as he battles with Hirschsprung’s disease, which affects the colon. Prosecutors believe the 9-year-old’s condition has been grossly fabricated by his mother due to the mental illness Munchausen syndrome by proxy, a syndrome and form of “mental child abuse” that exaggerates a child’s symptoms. In many cases, a parent (commonly the mother) will cause problems in efforts to gain attention and sympathy.

“When you think about it psychologically, the person is trying to gain some emotional benefit, and if he or she is able to engage the community into that same process and convincingly gain from it, which she would, then it’s easy to imagine how people might follow her,” explains Dr. Stephen Strakowski, a psychiatry professor.

Some believe Fluty performed these acts to cause a bacterial infection that would enhance her son’s symptoms and treatment.

“I can’t really comment a lot at this time, but I would do anything for any of my children. No matter what, I would do anything for any of my children,” said Fluty.

Since her arrest earlier this year, people have taken to social media to express their support and disgust of Fluty.

The Facebook page Lock Up Candy Fluty follows her case and also shines light on similar actions performed by parents.

Candida’s defense attorney, Elizabeth Zucker, believes the charges are a “gross misunderstanding.” At the time of Fluty’s arrest, she spoke to WCPO 9 News to express her opinion. “She has been in the hospital every day with him, helping [to] provide for his care,” said Zucker. “This is a total misunderstanding… He is only 9 years old, and I’m sure he’s scared to death being in the hospital without his mother.”

This story is extremely sad and sickening on so many levels. I will never understand how a parent — or decent human being — could ever harm a child. While earlier reports had questions about the substance Fluty injected into her son’s IV, it looks like officials have now confirmed it was in fact fecal matter and other bodily fluids.

Do you think Candida Fluty should be held responsible for her actions, or does the potential of having a mental illness make you see the other side?

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