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Terrible Teens: A dad’s sexist reaction to catching his son making out with a girl

My husband walked in on my son and a girl he had over when they were deep in a heavy makeout session.

I wasn’t home at the time of the incident, but my husband described the scenario to me in detail. Explicit detail. Details I won’t share here with you, for it will make you wish you could skip the teenage portion of raising children and go straight to the part where you watch your young-adult child share wedding vows with his or her betrothed.

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Don’t get me wrong; from what I understand, it wasn’t anything close to being rated X, but it was somewhere between PG-13 and nearing R-rated. It was most definitely a situation I am glad I was not privy to.

We’re not a couple of parents from the ’50s; we get it. We know that our children are red-blooded teens and experiencing the normal things that American teenagers experience. However, after I heard my husband share the story of how he walked in on our son and his girly-friend (this wasn’t even a girlfriend — this is a girl he is just hanging out with), I realized the story would have been a lot different if he’d walked in on our daughter… and I made sure my husband knew it.

Our daughter has been dating her boyfriend for about three months. You can guess what I wanted to know.

“What if you walked in on our daughter and her Prince Charming was rounding third with her?” I asked my husband. (Honestly, I don’t even know what the bases are anymore, I’m just going on what I think they are.)

He answered me honestly, “I’d be mortified.”


“Yes. She’s my little girl.”

I observed a mixed bag of feelings with his response. On the one hand, I love that he’s protective, but on the other hand, doesn’t my husband care that our son is upstairs doing the things he’s doing with someone else’s little girl? That girl has a father too. I mean, yes, she’s an active participant, and yes, she was there willingly, but still.

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And truthfully, I know for a fact that our daughter is making the heck out with her own boyfriend all the time, but wow. My husband’s response seemed so unfair to me. That basically it’s OK for our son to make out with just any girl, someone he’s not even committed to seeing officially, yet he’d be mortified to know that our daughter was making out with her boyfriend just as passionately.

Seems a little one-sided and sexist to me.

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