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3-Year-old abused, forced to wear urine-soaked underwear for wetting pants

When it comes to potty training, accidents are bound to happen. There will be times when a child unintentionally wets their pants that should not lead to abuse.

Jason Kistner remains in county prison after police arrested him on charges of child abuse that include aggravated assault and child endangerment. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reveals he physically abused his girlfriend’s 3-year-old son while taking him and her other child to the babysitter. Upon discovering the little boy wet his pants, Kistner reportedly kicked him in the back with his cowboy boots. As an additional form of punishment, the 31-year-old made the boy take off his wet underpants and wear them on his head during the car ride to the sitter.

Eric Achhammer, a friend of Kistner present during the abuse, pleaded for him to remove the underwear. “[Expletive] him. Anybody that [expletive] their pants deserves to wear them on their head,” Eric claims Jason Kistner said.

The babysitter soon noticed marks on the child’s face and took him to a nearby children’s hospital. Doctors concluded the 3-year-old had suffered physical abuse and kept him overnight for additional care.

Police arrested Jean Hawes, mother of the abused boy, on charges of child endangerment. Even though she was at work when the assault occurred, Hawes left her children in her boyfriend’s care. There’s suspicion Kistner abused her son before that would make him both a danger and physical threat.

I will never understand how or why a parent would stay with someone who harms their child. At some point, you need to put their well-being over a love interest. What’s interesting about this story is that the babysitter opted to call the child’s father instead of his mother. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette notes Jonathan Hawes went with the sitter to the hospital. Did the boy’s care provider know something was off with Jean Hawes?

One can only hope this child and his sibling receive therapy and, more important, care from a safe and loving family. Who knows what kind of psychological and emotional damage this will cause? Can you imagine suffering abuse from a person your mother continues to keep around?

It’s unfathomable.

This is one of the reasons it’s very important to rethink who you allow to be around your child. Whether a love interest, friend or family member, pay close attention to signs of abuse — and never be an enabler.

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